Fox Marketing Inc.
Market Smart

Somewhere in the evolution of advertising, the original notion of serving as an “agent” to the client was lost. Instead of using resources to build the client’s business, most agencies use their client’s business to build their resources and pay their overhead. They promote themselves as the best solution to any potential client’s challenge. They are driven by “creative” subjectivity, and they charge based on how much clients are able to pay.

The Fox Marketing approach to client business is a return to the “agent” model: unbiased evaluation and configuration of services to meet your unique needs. From brand development to tactical execution, the result is a more strategic, full-service resource than freelancers or in-house departments can deliver on their own.  And a more flexible and cost-efficient service than agency models can achieve.
In essence, we represent your business and, therefore, find solutions to the marketing challenges that best fit. We will put together a formidable team with a proven track record through our network of experienced resources.  And/or, we will work with any existing staff, vendors/suppliers and/or partners currently in place.

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